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Today’s stressful and hectic lifestyle, polluted environs and toxic products take their toll on our health, skin and even soul, leaving us drained, lethargic and dull. Helping you break the shackles of this cycle and breathing fresh air into your life is nature’s own bounty of wellness ‘Add Veda’. Conceived by the reputed house of ADD VEDA Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. under the guidance of Dr. Jogesh Passi who has a diverse and rich experience of around 35 years, ‘Add Veda’ is a name that is synonymous with the trust of natural care, every day, just for you.

Our Products

Manufactured in strict quality-controlled environment are Ayurvedic proprietary medicines, supplements and cosmetic products for our cherished clientele. Our Ayurvedic products are specially formulated to combat lifestyle and other ailments coupled with aiding wellness supplements and chemical-free cosmetics. What’s more, ‘Add Veda’ takes care that you get gentle nourishment without any side-effects or allergies because our manufacturing unit has GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliance. VIEW ALL PRODUCTS

Our Revolutionary Innovation

Ayurveda products are so safe and gentle that even babies, mothers to be and senior citizens can use them. A breakthrough for us is our product for Gluten intolerance which is also known as Celiac disease. Celiac disease is considered incurable in allopathic system of medicine. Still, our Ayurvedic formulation for Celiac disease has treated large number of patients.

This major breakthrough came with the innovation of the successful herbal treatment of Wheat/Gluten Allergy with GLUTEN HEALTH that created a phenomenal revolution in Herbal Research & Science in 2009 and has treated hundreds of patients with positive clinical & lab findings after the course of treatment and even after their periodic evaluations till date. Dr. Passi feels immense pleasure to share that almost all the treated patients are easily digesting and tolerating wheat or other gluten products without any adverse clinical signs/symptoms and leading a much happier and healthier life than ever. In fact, ‘Add Veda’ is proud to file the patent for this herbal formulation and our formulation is patent-pending currently.

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